Bodylok and ecology

Bodylok behaves ecologically.

We are a company that is not indifferent to the ecological footprint we leave behind. In all our activities, we promote the use of ecological materials in particular, but we also place great emphasis on the elimination of waste generated during the operation of e-shops, thereby helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

That's why we send our packages in recyclable paper.
We do not use plastic or plastic fillings. If it is necessary to pack the goods in plastic, we chose a material that can be freely decomposed within 90 days.

It is already clear from the nature of our business that packaging is an important and integral part of our business, without which no business can do. That's why we try to recycle as much as possible, (reuse) packaging that has already been used. We are convinced that the quality content of the package is more important than a perfect and attractive packaging, which will end up as waste (sorted in the best case) for the end customer anyway.

To the maximum extent possible, we use packaging from other business entities that would otherwise end up in waste. For package fillers, we use package fillers from our suppliers, out-of-date flyers and other promotional materials. We shred all unnecessary documents and use the resulting scraps as package filler. Material that can no longer be used even as fillings is consistently sorted and stored in separate waste containers.

From time to time, customers write to us that we store packaged goods in shredded magazines, newspapers, etc. And we repeatedly explain that we are trying to behave ecologically in order to help save natural resources and energy that were once spent on their production. Most customers understand this and it is more important for them that they receive the goods on time and of good quality than that the goods arrive in new packaging in 14 days.
We thank everyone who understands and supports us in our efforts to protect the environment.