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Security for your period


unique absorption layer

Bodylok ultra-thin miracle technology

1. the liquid will flow through the first layer, which is quick-drying.
2. further through an impermeable layer that protects you and does not allow the liquid back.
3. double absorbent layer that absorbs liquid.

Is this membrane better than the competition?

Our membrane is exactly the same as the competition. What makes us different is that we have the thinnest membranes and we use 2-3 layers of absorption layers. So leakage is almost impossible.
Furthermore, we do not use any artificial materials, carcinogenic silver or polyurethane fibers that contain microplastics.

Are the panties hygienic?

Bodylok are made of certified materials. Our suppliers are the owners of OEKO-TEX and GOTS certificates and guarantee their safety.

We recommend washing the panties at 40 degrees and do not dry them in the dryer or in direct sunlight.

Who can use the panties?

Anyone. The panties can be used by women, from their first period to possibly weak urine leaks and other discharges.
It is only appropriate to choose the strength of absorption.

Which absorption strength to choose?

The right type of panties

Choose the right type of panties according to your period. You need to think about how strong your cycle is. Short video

If you have a very heavy period, you need to test the panties first. It is possible that the panties will not suit you. Try the panties on at home first and then you can decide if they are right for you.

How often should I change my panties?

Every company will tell you that the panties will last up to 12 hours.

You can wear some panties for 4 hours, some for 6 and others for 12 hours. But it depends on the strength of menstruation and your comfort.

You need to test this first and find out what suits you.
For starters, we recommend e.g. 3 pieces, which we have with a 20% discount, and then you can see for yourself.

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