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Me and my other self

We live in a time in which social networks play no small part. Anyone who has not been caught in these networks can say that they are basically a lucky...

We live in a time in which social networks play no small part. Anyone who has not been caught in these networks can say that they are basically a lucky person.

Women and girls have always found their role models. Whether in magazines or television, or even in a more popular friend or classmate. You probably can't resist the need to compare yourself. We all do it sometimes or have done it. And we will probably do it a few more times in the future. It's hard to read about how we're supposed to be happy with ourselves when our inspiration has better hair, a smile or a figure.
And it is at this moment that we get caught up in the world of filters. Social networks give us that power .

"Get better.
Suddenly have skin without wrinkles, freckles, scars.
Fuller lips, more expressive eyes."


Filters drive us into a world of illusions.

To be what we want to be. At least in our created world of posts and stories. And we unknowingly run ourselves into the clutches of the ridicule that may come. From followers or friends. And right here is the time to ask if we need it. Basically living in a lie and an illusion. Everyone who knows you knows anyway that it's not you. That what you may consider imperfect is what makes you original and your own.

Is it you. And no one else. Nobody imaginary.


So why face comments that, on the contrary, bring to the fore what we hate so much. What are we going to lie to? The more we try to hide something, the more attention it attracts.

Be yourself, it takes time and will.


So that you don't think I'm just banging on the keyboard here, I also went through the era of filters. And even at my age I sometimes tend to use one. Especially after a hard day. But being yourself is still a priority.

Another evil that overwhelms you are those guaranteed diets.

The Internet, television, magazines are full of it. It is not a taboo that this pressure has caused more than one woman a lot of trouble. Ladies, if it bothers you that you have gained weight, then invest. Find a good nutritionist or fitness trainer who will put together a tailor-made menu for you. It will teach you to eat healthily, to live, to enjoy movement and food. Diets are a momentary and often quite fluctuating fad.
They often leave a far bigger scar on your health and mind than some extra tip. Maybe in the final you will be surprised that it is enough to eat well and healthily. Don't look for any other magic in it.

It's normal to be dissatisfied. But beware, it must also be a healthy criticism.

To balance healthy self-esteem. Then you will be bothered by what you don't like about yourself, but you won't throw yourself off a cliff or vultures on social networks because of it.

And as a full stop to the article, I would like to make a small request to everyone.

Let's remind the girls too. For those who are going through puberty or struggling with it. You have an imaginary target on your back.

Social networks are mainly used by young people!!!

It already belongs to them. Whether we like it or not. Most of us know how a few lines on the web can hurt. It hurts more. And few of them resist the pressure. Smile at yourself every day. It's never too late to follow your dreams. However, filters and meaningless diets will not lead you to them. And if you let yourself be ground, you'll only get scars. And those who led you to them will have a new victim in their sights.


Such is life, love it and love your body!

Write us your story . We will be happy to support you, just like other women. We are interested in your story. You can test our menstrual panties for FREE !




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