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When I got a suggestion on this topic, I just had to close my eyes. I won't lie that it left me completely calm. It did not and will not...

When I got a suggestion on this topic, I just had to close my eyes. I won't lie that it left me completely calm.

bodylok I am myself

It did not and will not let.

Therefore, this article is far more from me. An article about women not being ashamed of who they are. For who they are.

For what they mean to others, even if they often underestimate themselves.

But let me start from the beginning. When I close my eyes, I see myself in my twenties.
No worries. A young girl who wanted to see the world met great love and gave birth to two children soon after each other.

And at that time the carefreeness ends.

Suddenly, taking care of family, children, husband and home comes first.
In front of you. Before your needs and dreams. I never complained, but it was never easy either.
When the children started kindergarten and I went back to work, the real buzz started. Shopping, kindergarten, snack, dinner, cleaning.....
With the start of school, we added a homework item.
And even if the man helped, it was still stressful. Fatigue. Food in a hurry.
Overweight. And finally crying. The fear of undressing in front of a man who saw me in my prime and suddenly wither away. Young but exhausted. Both physically and mentally. So many years of hiding and suffering followed. Before I found my cure...


Do you recognize each other too?
The carousel of everything that takes precedence over you and with each other item on the list it takes a piece of you. You are happy that you have healthy children, a family, a job.
And in the back of your mind you remember those times when you could be yourself without worries. Trust me, it doesn't make you a bad person. Just a person who is lost and looking for his own way. Even those we love are fumbling with you in this wandering. Children can sense stress. A man wonders why we are more intimately withdrawn.


From what I have listed above, it follows that we have nothing to be ashamed of.
I take it as an accounting formula. The parties gave and should give. Life gave me love, children and took the elasticity of my belly or breasts. Does that make me a worse person? No. We have to look at each other in the right way. Not to put on rose-colored glasses, but also not to sink even deeper to the bottom.

Right now is that time. A moment to call a friend and chat with her. Time to paint your nails. Fill the bath. Have a glass of wine. Or go for a walk with the kids. Switch off and fit into maximum comfort. When you see yourself with the right eyes, the people around you will perceive you that way. And you can help many people in the neighborhood who are currently in despair from the carousel of school, kindergarten, work.....

It's not a sin to like yourself. It's not bad to make time for yourself. Accepting ourselves even with the traces that life has left on us is one of the many heroics we are capable of. We don't have to be superheroes to the world. Let's just be our own heroes. And that superheroine only for our super partners in life.

Believe that when you start to perceive yourself and accept yourself as you are, there will be no need for words.

Did you find yourself?
Do you have the same or similar story?
We are sure that " EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL "
We will be very happy if you contact us at info(@) or on INSTAGRAM , we will be happy to publish your story and send you our menstrual panties for testing.

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